Mission to help customers become more beautiful, confident, successful and happy

SHE CENTER is proud to be a 5-star Aesthetic Center with more than 10 years of operation and has helped more than 30,000 customers nationwide to improve their appearance successfully.

Get lost in major roads in the city center, investment division at branches up to 2,000 square meters. Not constantly updating safe, modern beauty methods.

Cooperating with leading prestigious doctors in the industry, we affirm a serious investment in a long-term development and intensive beauty brand.

Possessing international-standard beauty technologies, certified by the US FDA for safety and quality, the care and treatment products at SHE CENTER are always carefully selected by our experts. top luxury brands.

Dedication – Responsibility – Science

Always present in seminars with experts, we are constantly looking for optimal solutions, pioneering the application of the world’s leading aesthetic technologies in order to bring satisfaction to customers when they trust us. thought of choosing services at SHE CENTER.

With space design towards luxury, sophistication, friendliness. We aim to bring the best beauty experience to all of our customers.


In addition to the 5-star space, leading technology, with the closeness, friendliness and enthusiasm from the SHE CENTER team, customers always feel secure and comfortable, helping to optimize the beauty effect.

Beauty is an enjoyment, and let SHE CENTER help you enjoy it to the fullest.



Bringing customer satisfaction in each service. With a team of more than 20 experts and professionals with many years of experience in the beauty industry, SHE CENTER promises to be a great place to enhance your beauty.

All cosmetic surgeries are performed at 5-star standard hospitals, leading establishments in the industry. The implementation process, the equipment used in medical standards is always our priority.

SHE CENTER is proud of a team of experienced cosmetologists, devoted to hundreds of thousands of works and recognized by customers throughout the years of operation, perfectly meeting all beauty needs

Continuously looking for image partners, strategic partners nationwide to join hands to realize long-term development goals, constantly develop customer network, take our works further. and spread throughout the community.


She Center

Outstanding Service

Improve Sensitive Skin

  The skin is irritated, red due to the impact of the environment, cosmetics or food.Strengthens the skin barrier, strengthens the skin’s natural defense system.Aqualia Thermal, Purete Thermale is the main ingredient used to care and restore sensitive skin.     EFFECTIVE SKIN CARE AT SHE CENTER The skin is completely soothed Invigorates the skin […]

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Aging Skin Care

  Facial tightening treatment at SHE Center helps you restore and regenerate smooth and youthful skin, bringing the beauty of youthful skin. From the age of 28, you will feel that your skin begins to become rough and no longer smooth due to the decrease in collagen. Signs of skin aging vary from person to […]

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Plasma Eyelid Surgery

  WHAT IS PLASMA CUTTING? Thanks to modern and advanced double eyelid shaping techniques, Plasma eyelid surgery has become a breakthrough leading the current cosmetic trend. This technology has been widely applied in many cosmetically developed countries such as Korea and attracted a large number of stars to apply to regain radiance for the eyes. […]

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Rejuvenating Threads – Regenerating Youthful Lines

  Collagen thread stretch is also known as implantation or biological thread stretch, medical thread stretch is the common name of a cosmetic service that uses biological sutures. This is a non-surgical facelift method, the doctor will insert biological threads under the skin to stretch and lift your sagging skin.     The bio-thread after […]

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Skin Care Eye Area

  The skin around the eyes is 3 to 5 times thinner than the skin on the face. This is also a highly permeable skin area, easily affected by harmful agents such as dust, pollution. Not only that, this area is also extremely sensitive, because the density of nerve fibers in the epidermis around the […]

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